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Preset programmes and dedicated programmes

A unique feature to standardise the results of ULTRA cutters and combi-cutters.

The ULTRA cutters have three preset programmes that can be configured and also allow the user to create up to 9 customised programmes. Thus, using a combination of different speeds and different times, the user always achieves the same result with autonomous operation.

Preset programmes

  • Three preset programmes that can be customised, combining different speeds and times to achieve the same result automatically every time.
  • Put all the ingredients in the pot, choose programme P1, P2 or P3 and let the machine work on its own.
    • Programme 1 (P1): for a dense texture. See video.
    • Programme 2 (P2): for a fine texture. See video.
    • Programme 3 (P3): a pulse programme for a "chunky" texture. See video.

Customisable programmes

  • 9 fully customisable programmes: the user can combine different steps, different speeds and different times to standardise their own recipes and always obtain the same result automatically.

More information, here.

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