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Immersion Circulator SmartVide XL

Maximum capacity: 120 l / 30 gal.

Commercial high-precision sous-vide cooker. Reliable, user-friendly, portable.
Interchangeable between ºC and ºF.

  • Wireless / WIFI connectivity.
  • HACCP-ready.
  • Optional core probe and temperature control by core probe.
  • Firmware update.
  • 5" colour touch screen.


Portable precision cooker with stirrer for up to 120 lt. / 30 gal. containers. Deisgned for chefs, developed with chefs.

  • The thick stainless steel, robust construction guarantees commercial performance.
  • SmartVide guarantees cooking at a precisely controlled temperature while preserving the quality of the product, enhancing flavor and texture. Equipped with a highly precise temperature control system to obtain extremely consistent results.
  • The optional core probe allows for an even more precise control when standardizing recipes. Recipes can be set and the SmartVide controlled by the core probe temperature.
  • Allows cooking food in their own juice and using this juice immediately after cooking to enhance flavors.
  • Marinates and macerates an ingredient in half the time.
  • Infuses and flavors oil, fat or other products applying the controlled temperature technique.
  • The possibility of probe activated cycle start is a crucial function for pasteurization .
  • The possibility of connecting SmartVide XL to an enhanced tank reduces heating time. This function is specially useful when cooking or retherming very cold or frozen food.
  • Increases profits due to lack of product shrink.Requires very little hands-on time, allowing the Chef to do other tasks while the product is being cooked. Just program temperature and time, SmartVide will do the rest. The interactive full-color touchscreen offers all information at a glance and makes operation extremely intuitive. In addition, thanks to the connectivity, an exchange of important data is allowed to improve the performance of the Chef.
  • SmartVide XL offers a complete settings menu , accessible through its touch screen.
  • Portable: thanks to their thick, stainless steel, ergonomic handle, SmartVide can be taken from a container to another easily.
  • HACCP-ready: thanks to Wireless connectivity, it is possible to export or print cooking results at the end of each cycle. Furthermore, the cooking data be consulted on the interactive touch screen at any time during the cycle.
  • Your appliance, always updated: free firmware update, no matter where the appliance is with no need of additional appliances.
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Specifications Sheet

Nauwkeurigheid display: 0.01ºC
Rang: 5ºC - 95ºC
Toegestane omgevingstemperatuur: 5ºC - 40ºC

Resolutie: 1'
Duur cyclus(s): 1' - 99 h

Algemene eigenschappen
Maximale capaciteit van de ketel: 120 l
Vermogen: 2600 W

Grootte van de dompelpomp: 117 mm x 110 mm x 197 mm
Externe afmetingen: 125 mm x 148 mm x 435 mm

Nettogewicht: 4,65 kg

Product Sheet

Uitrusting inbegrepen

Janby Track Mini (must be activated).

Optionele apparatuur

Core probe.
Insulated tanks.
Heated tanks.
Lids for insulated tanks.
Floating balls.
Janby Track (available through janby.kitchen).
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