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Heated tank for SmartVide XL

Connected to and controlled by SmartVide XL to reach the set temperature faster.

  • Connected to and controlled by SmartVide XL immersion circulator.
  • Intelligent interaction allows for optimization of heating times. 
  • This is specially useful to cook very cold or frozen products.
  • Stainless steel made.
  • Complete with filling tap and drain key.
  • NSF-listed in combination with the immersion circulator SmartVide XL.

* Please note: SmartVide immersion circulator must be ordered separately.

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Specifications Sheet

Capaciteit: 120 l
Elektrische voeding: -- V / -- Hz / 1 ~
Vermogen: 1500 W

Externe afmetingen
Externe afmetingen: 738 mm x 582 mm x 850-900 mm

Nettogewicht: 39,3 Kg

Product Sheet

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