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Pizza oven PO-1+1/45

2 chambers. 1+1 pizza, Ø 45 cm.

Ideal to cook every type of pizza, without taking up too much space in your work environment. Small, reliable and powerful, this pizza oven is suitable for bars and food courts. They are easy to use and with optimised energy consumption.

  • Compact design oven.
  • 4 thermostats allow to calibrate different operating temperatures in each cycle.
  • Suitable for 2 trays 400x600 mm.
  • Door with glass and internal lightning for maximum cooking process control.
  • Cooking surface in cordierite refractory stone. This mineral can withstand up to 1,000ºC.
  • Rock wool insulation.
  • Sheated heating elements.
  • Easy maintenance.
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Specifications Sheet

Thermostaat: 45ºC - 455ºC
Cellen: 2
Aantal pizza’s: 2 (Ø 450 mm)
Cellen: 2

Vermogen: 8000 W

Interne afmetingen

  • Breed: 620 mm
  • Diep: 500 mm
  • Hoog: 120 mm

Externe afmetingen

  • Breed: 915 mm
  • Diep: 690 mm
  • Hoog: 527 mm

Nettogewicht: 76 kg

Crated dimensions
970 x 770 x 750 mm
Brutogewicht: 85 kg

Product Sheet

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