Toaster TP-200

Double horizontal loading electric toaster.

Easy to use and comfortable, offers double production in the same space.

  • Stainless steel made.
  • Two levels.
  • Quartz lamps.
  • Independent switch set for upper and lower elements.
  • 0-15 min timer.
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Specifications Sheet

Productie tosti’s/uur (max): 240

Vermogen: 2800 W

Interne afmetingen: 2 x (380 mm x 240 mm x 65 mm)

Nuttige hoogte: 65 mm

Externe afmetingen

  • Breed: 525 mm
  • Diep: 305 mm
  • Hoog:445 mm

Nettogewicht: 10.4 kg

Crated dimensions
[n:embalaje_ancho] x [n:embalaje_fondo] x [n:embalaje_alto] [m:embalaje_ancho]
Brutogewicht: 12 kg

Product Sheet

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