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Hot drinks dispenser

Hot beverage dispensers based on instant ingredients.

Hot beverages in cups or decanters at the press of a button. Ideal for hotels, canteens, buffets, etc.

Whether large or small quantities are required, the Bolero series provides a suitable solution for any location because of the large variety of hot beverages combined with ease of use and reliable proven technology. These instant ingredient machines stand out because of their modern design and professional stainless steel finish. Various hot beverages and hot water, quick and at the press of a button.

BOLERO hot beverage dispensers allow quick service in any location. Thanks to the connection for mains water supply, BOLERO machines are filled with water automatically and their use is fast and simple.

All models offer reliable, proven technology and include a  LED-lit, easy-to-read surveyable options menu.

Bolero machines are equipped with a separate hot water tap for soup or tea.

The unique mixing system ensures an excellent ingredient flow and their hot water system makes the Bolero less susceptible to scale formation.

All models include a descaling / filter replacing signal as well as a cleaning and rinsing program on the control panel.

Further features like the closable canister outlet, drip-tray-full warning, total and daily production counters or the energy saving mode, make of Sammic Bolero hot beverage dispensers unique and exceptional in the market.

vergelijkingstabel  ( Ja   Optionele   — Geen )
Productie uur 30 l 30 l 40 l 40 l
Ingrediëntencontainers 1 2 4 4
Capaciteit container 1 3,4 l 1,5 l 2,4 l 2,4 l
Capaciteit container 2 1,5 l 2,4 l 2,4 l
Capaciteit container 3 2,4 l 5,3 l
Vermogen 2.230 W 2230 W 3500 W 3500 W
Externe afmetingen
Breed 203 mm 203 mm 325 mm 470 mm
Diep 429 mm 429 mm 482 mm 482 mm
Hoog 584 mm 584 mm 812 mm 812 mm
Nettogewicht 11 kg 12 kg 30 kg 34 kg
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