Dishwasher X-80

500x500mm racks. Max. loading height: 400mm.

Commercial dishwasher with tall base that allows more comfortable operation.

Commercial dishwasher with tall base and a max. loading height of 400mm. to facilitate the washing of trays.

With easy-to-use electronic panel complete with wash and rinse temperature display.

This machine includes stainless steel top-of-tank filters.

  • For washing all type of plates, glasses, cups and cutlery.
  • Washing with double system of rotating dispersers (top and bottom)
  • 3 wash cycles.
  • Manufactured from catering grade AISI 304 2B stainless steel and incorporating top quality components.
  • Easy to use electronic control panel with anti-moisture seal and wash & rinse tank temperature displays.
  • Double skinned door with high efficiency seal, ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation. Magnetic door micro-switch.
  • Removable stainless steel rack holders ensure even distribution of wash water without dead zones. Precision positioned water jets guarantee optimum washing result for even the most stubbornly stained glasses. Easy to assemble, boltless rinse spray arms.
  • A double filter system provides effective wash pump protection that is easily removed (for maintenance and cleaning) and replaced, without tools.
  • Inside of the machine with rounded finished: absence of angles avoiding the accumulation of dirt.
  • Completely rounded, stainless steel wire rack support and guide.
  • A stainless steel, top-of-tank filter system is also included as a standard.
  • Automatic rinse aid dosing equipment.
  • Wash tank and rinse boiler temperature adjustment and a thermal cycle delay option, guaranteeing a minimum final rinse temperature of 85ºC for each and every rinse cycle.
  • Sammic ware washers are designed for easy and fast on-site maintenance.
  • 100% tested.
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Especificaciones técnicas

Afmetingen van de mand: 500 mm x 500 mm
Nuttige hoogte: 400 mm

Duur cyclus(s): 120 " / 150 " / 210 "
Productie manden / uur: 30 / 24 / 17

Wastemperatuur: 0 ºC - 65 ºC
Spoeltemperatuur: 0 ºC - 90 ºC

  • Capaciteit van het keteltje: 10 l
  • Capaciteit van de kuip: 26 l
  • Verbruik water/cyclus: 2.9 l

  • Vermogen van de pomp: 730 W / 1 Hp
  • Vermogen kuip: 2500 W
  • Vermogen keteltje: 6000 W
  • Totaal vermogen: 6730 W

Externe afmetingen

  • Breed:600 mm
  • Diep: 630 mm
  • Hoog: 1320 mm

Nettogewicht: 78 Kg
Noise level (1m.): <70 dB(A)

Ficha de producto

Equipamiento incluido

  • Rinse aid pump.
  • Stainless steel top-of-tank filter set.
  • 1 open basket.
  • 1 plate basket.
  • 1 small cutlery basket.

Equipamiento opcional

  • Detergent dosing equipment.
  • Model with drain pump and non-return valve.
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